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Loyalhousing Top Builder

Loyalhousing - Rules & Regulations

LoyalHousing, one of the best builders in Chennai and it is a self-determining lands agency those leads itself on a strong sales team with local understanding and knowledge that delivers a service, with the main importance based on personal care for both vendors and prospective customers. Each type of construction project requires a unique team to plan, design, construct and maintain the project. They are unique from other top builders in Chennai, by updating their construction photos every month in their website.

It is located in Anna Nagar - West, Chennai and they are following the government ethics according to procedure for building the flats with special team members who are the good expertise in building the flats.

Construction starts with planning, design, financing and continues until the structure is ready for occupancy. Many expertise people are designed the floor plans, who learned about the government rules and regulations very well.

Buying the construction materials in the government approved company and building the flats with the approval of government. Loyalhousing, the best reputed builders in Chennai has the experienced people for planning the Construction flats according to the government ethics in the area with exact square feet. Best Builders in Chennai, sussing out the floor plans twice or thrice before beginning the building work.

What is the main aim of Loyalhousing - Top Builders in Chennai?

Loyal Builders reach their professional aims by performing with honesty, ethical values and compliance with the government rules & regulations. LoyalHousing is one of the ISO-Certified top builders in Chennai and it’s completed many successful projects by getting license from the government with various fields like Residential, Industrial, Hospitals, and Commercial projects.

Loyalhousing Targets

  • Apartments will be starting to build after getting the approval from the government.
  • License and square feet will be checked before planning the design.
  • Customer’s satisfaction - the type of building they expect.
  • Electricity and Plumbing work  will be complete within planned time
  • 100% reliability of construction works.
  • High speed construction with good quality.
  • Complete the overall work within scheduled time.
  • Quality has to check twice or thrice times before delivering.

Loyalhousing - Successful Projects

Residential  Projects – SSBN Perambur, Saisadan Avadi, Abinyam Madipakkam , Amirtham Maduravoyal, Akshaya  Ambattur, Sakthi bhavanam Ayanavuram , Lounge  Ayanavaram etc..

Industrial Projects – Balaji diary ghee plant Thirupathi, Caricore creation Egmore, and Dynathern alloys (p) ltd Sholinganallur etc…

Hospital Projects – Maharaja Government hospital Kerala, Government general hospital Trivandrum, CSI rainy hospital Chennai, Dr. Daniel clinic Kelly Chennai

Commercial Projects – JS towers Ambattur.

Loyalhousing imperceptible benefits are:

  • Outstanding day lighting
  • Upgraded air quality
  • Improve marketability for the project
  • Health and welfare of the occupants
  • Conservation of threatened national resources

Builders in Chennai, Loyalhousing services are delivered by people who combine risk-taking spirit and a deep thoughtful of specialist property divisions with the highest standards of customer’s care. Through our customers request, our property management capabilities and the transactional services we provide, to fulfil their basic needs – whatever they want. 

We are delighted that marketing team provides continuous effort to deliver the best possible service online and offline and also the team providing, construction updates for all the customers who booked the flats. 

The Marketing team and other team are also replying for the customer’s request always in the website and phone. Loyal team is the top Builders in Chennai who is working hard and doing smart work to provide the best constructed apartments for the customers. 

Full and Outline planning permission

Blessing from your local authority to lead forwards with the property improvements as suggested in the plans submitted to them. Each local authority makes its own regulations for planning permission – around their published Local Development Outline. 

What are the activities of Loyalhousing top builder to make get success in planned application?

  • Paperwork
  • Each local authority forms its own rules for scheduling agreement 

Loyalhousing, the reputed builder in Chennai makes it easier to gain planning permission from the government, particularly if they've been selected for regeneration or development. Loyal builder’s follows the local authority procedures and starts the construction work with the rules and regulations after planning the designing structures around the published local outline construction work. 

Rules for planning permission can also be interpreted differently depending on who's making the decision. For example, if you have a planning department sympathetic to new construction methods and the latest architectural design, they may be more likely to pass modern home improvements than a department that's keen on a more traditional look.

When considering any major home improvements that will require planning permission, read your council’s Local Development Framework.

Times city

LoyalHousing Times City News

Best Builders in Chennai

Loyal Housing, one of the top builders in Chennai, located at Anna Nagar.  Loyal Housing provides 2BHK, 3BHK flats in Ambattur and Annanagar.  Loyal Housing, had completed many projects, Some of the on going projects are - Aishwarryam, Green garden & SVSN Gruha. Few of the upcoming projects are Commercial Cum Residential Apartments at  Maduravoyal and Mall & Multiplex  at Vandalur – GST. Loyal Housing provides Rainwater recharge pits to save water as an ISO 9000 Company.

Loyal Housing provides Best Quality constructions with maintained by continuous improvement of its methods and systems in serving the customer requirements.

Why loyal housing is best builder in Chennai?

Loyal housing, top builders in Chennai having good marketing and support team for their customers.  Loyal Housing regularly updates the construction works to their customers. These things helps them to grow up and become reputed builders in Chennai.

Comparing to other builders in Chennai, loyal housing takes care of entire construction works and provides the  fairly rewards to their valuable customers. They are Constantly & Consciously concentrating on each and every work towards the Quality Construction. Hence they have listed in one among the Top builders in Chennai. Loyal housing summarises the core values of trust, timeliness and customer delight. It was Established in 1995 as Loyal Builders then it became lead brand and full-fledged real estate outfit getting into residential, commercial and mixed developments.

Buying a flat From Top Builder:

Once you have decided to invest your money for buying a flat, you just need to find a good builder who could serve you more, better than your expectations. Hence choosing a right builder is very essential as investing your savings.

Loyal housing, the Best builder in Chennai provides an uncompromising integrity, honesty, & fairness to their valuable customers. 

Pursuing a Philosophy of Truth

Loyal Housing achieves their business goals with integrity, high ethical standards and compliance with the law.This helps to build lasting relationships with customers and investors.

  • Superlative Quality
  • On-time Delivery
  • Excellent post sales service for the  Property Management Cell
  • Customer Delight

ISO Certificate

LoyalHousing ISO Certificate

Dinamalar Cement Issue

Dinamalar Cement Issue

Accessibility to Ambattur

Road Transport Facilities in Ambattur

Chennai Corporation lays so many roads around Ambattur, which comforts better life for Ambattur people and also convenience the companies in Ambattur Industrial estate for transportation. For perfect and luxury life in Chennai, transportation facility is very much important. Ambattur is having these facilities and better connectivity for the people who are living in Chennai.

Pattaravakkam  Bridge

Pattaravakkam bridge construction work has been going on for the past 3 years, which will be over in another 3 months. The Bridge is connecting the Ambattur and Pattaravakkam , which gives us easy access to other places of Chennai city. This Pattaravakkam  Bridge will be open shortly for public use, which provides better connectivity for the people who bought 2 and 3 bhk flats in Ambattur.


CTH Expansion in Ambattur

Chennai-Tiruvallur High Road is expanding near padi and Ambattur road for stress free transportation. CTH expansion brings the better connectivity for the people living in Mannurpet, Padi, Ambattur, Thirumullaivoyal, Avadi and Thiruninravur to the city.


Pattaravakkam Bridge Inauguration


Commonfloor.com Property Fair, 2014 on April 5 & 6 at Chennai Trade Centre

Commonfloor are happy to announce the launch of “Commonfloor.com Property Fair 2014 – Chennai Edition”, a mega exhibition event exclusive to builders and developers as an opportunity to showcase your projects to the multitudes of Chennai in the most sought after venue of our city, Chennai Trade Centre between the 5th and 6th of April, 2014.

The “Commonfloor.com Property Fair 2014 – Chennai Edition” aims to provide you with high visibility, branding through the well thought out media campaign, compelling selling opportunities with ergonomic and efficiently designed stalls and a very unique way of generating a very healthy ROI for your investments.

Loyal Housing is organizing their stall in Commonfloor.com Property Fair 2014 – Chennai Edition to present Green Garden, Aishwarryam and SVSN Gruha project for the people who needs dream home in Chennai.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade Centre, Hall II, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : April 5 & 6, 2014

Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Organizer: Commonfloor.com,

No 76/52,Priyan Plaza,3rd Floor,
Nelson Manickam Road,
Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600029
Mobile: (+91) 9840604488
Website: www.commonfloor.com

Localized Property Show for North Chennai held on March 22nd & 23rd 2014

Shriram Vyapar organizing a Localized Property Show, for North Chennai on March 22nd & 23rd, 2014 for the local people of Anna Nagar to know the availability of houses in the local area. Localized Property Show 2014 mainly conducting for North Chennai people to buy a flat or a dream house in their area itself, no need of any travelling for their dream home. Loyal Housing is also participating and going to put a stall in Localized Property Show to expose their ongoing residential projects in Ambattur and Anna Nagar for sales.

Why Localized Property Show?

Having a property show in Chennai Trade Center is a common affair, but how many people in this part of town want to travel an hour in the traffic for a property show? We want to bring the property show to their neighborhood by bringing the best builders to their doorstep.

Difference of Localized Property Show 2014

  • Only 2-3 builders from a specific locality example, if the project is in Sriperumbudur, only 2 projects from that locality can be showcased.
  • Only reputed builders can participate.
  • Showcase with technology - Tablet Computers will be provided
  • Shriram Vyapar runs My Vyapar Newspaper which is circulated to 1,30,000 houses free of cost in and around Anna Nagar, Mogappair, Kilpauk, Egmore Velachery and Ambattur. Publicity for the show will be done in 2 editions of the newspaper. 
  • Besides this we will be doing campaigns via Banners, posters, paper inserts, radio etc.

Areas Covered by Localized Property Show 2014

Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Korattur , Kolathur , Mogappair, Villivakkam, Kilpauk, Koyambedu, Virugambakkam, Arumbakkam

Venue Information:

Address : VIJAY SHREE MAHAL,70, 3rd Ave, ICF South Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102.

Date : March 22 & 23, 2014

Time: 9.30 am to 8 pm

Organizer: Shriram Vyapar,

R5-A/2 Anna Nagar West Extn.,
Chennai - 600101.
Phone : 044 - 2615 0707/0808
Web : www.shriramvyapar.com

Connectivity in Ambattur

Connectivity in Ambattur

The transport facilities in Ambattur are well developed because it came under Chennai municipality and receives all the benefits from the corporation. Bus facility in Ambattur is frequent and well connected to the Chennai city. Compared to other areas in Chennai, Ambattur has perfect connectivity to the city by both bus and train.

Mini bus facility in Ambattur

A Mini bus is going from Puthur bus stop named (S43) via Madhanakuppam, Teachers colony, Senthil Nagar, Retteri, Kolathur, Rajaji Nagar till Villivakkam bus stop.

Ambattur people are happy for this Mini bus service and also requested to extend this bus service until Ambattur railway station for better connectivity.

Trains Facility in Ambattur

Ambattur is having frequent train facility for better connection than bus transportation from Chennai city. All the trains from Central to Arakonam, Ambattur are having stop where the train facility is more regular and comfort. This makes the train connectivity to Ambattur people comfort and ease in the Chennai city and other places.

Highlights of Ambattur

Highlights of Ambattur

Western part of Chennai city is covered by Ambattur of about 45 squarekilometers, an active zone. Ambatur has developed into an urban part of Chennai from rural village due to the setting up of Ambattur Industrial Estate. Now the Chennai corporation extends the city limit from Anna Nagar to Ambattur and also gets all the benefits from municipality like transport facilities, water supply, etc. Ambattur has good proximity to Chennai city and also in the areas of Padi, AnnaNagar and Avadi which makes to build IT companies and manufacturing industries in Ambattur.

Compare to OMR IT Corridors, Ambattur gives more benefit for the cost of investment, so most of the IT sectors are shifting here they're set up.

Values of living in Ambattur

Ambattur Eri, the Puzhal Eri and the Thangal Eri provide better water supply for Ambattur residential and industrial units which attract people to live there for comfortable life. The development of facilities in Ambattur peaks high for the past 10 years which attracts most of the people to invest in Ambattur.

Connectivity and basic domestic needs are well developed in Ambattur and also surroundings gives serene and perfect lifestyle.



Transport features of 3 bhk flats in Ambattur

Transport features of 3 bhk flats in Ambattur

Ambattur has better connectivity to the Chennai city by both roads and train, which provides comfort life for people in Ambattur. Train transportation is a big plus for the people having 3 bhk flats in Ambattur due to Ambattur and Pattaravakkam Railway Stations. Apart from this, it also has an upcoming project of mono-rail to give enhanced connectivity.

For the people working in Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur bus transportation facility is good and frequent. The highlighted bus connectivity of Ambattur is

  • The Chennai-Thiruvalluvar High Road (CTH Road or NH 205)
  • Chennai Bypass Road between Maduravoyal and Madhavaram pass through the Ambattur Industrial Estate.
  • The Chennai-Kolkata highway is also about 7km from Ambattur

Residential Development in Ambattur

Near the estate, Tamil Nadu government only first started their residential projects in Ambattur. Later, the residential development in Ambattur peaks high because of low land cost and also the migration of many people near the estate for their work.

Many residential projects are developing in Ambattur by major builders such as Green garden, Aishwarryam, VGN Stafford, Mangalam Moonlight, Optima ace, etc.


Luxurious Feel of Living in Ambattur

Luxurious Feel of Living in Ambattur

Life in Ambattur is a wonderful choice to lead a happy, awesome and stylish way of livelihood. Ambattur has serene and natural surroundings which make a luxurious feel of living in Chennai. Every moment of life in Ambattur is extraordinary and keeps on moving with fun and comfort. Flats in Ambattur are one of the high-status places in Chennai which has well designed infrastructure and amenities.

Main Hospitals Close to Ambattur

  • Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital
  • B.M.Orthopaedic hospital
  • Frontier Life Line Hospital
  • Dr.Bhat's Hospital
  • Government Hospital
  • Teja Hospital
  • Kumaran medical clinic

Good Entertainment Places

  • The Grand Venus Mall
  • AGS
  • Ampa Skywalk
  • Rakki Multiplex

Pleasant area in Chennai, Ambattur

Chennai is well populated area in India, so environment and breathe is too polluted and calm less which made lives full stress and trouble. But in Ambattur, we will experience fresh and non-polluted breathe and surroundings, make life as heaven and calm. Compare to other areas in Chennai, Ambattur is the best place for stress free life.

2 bhk Flats in Ambattur Infrastructure

2 bhk Flats in Ambattur Infrastructure

One of the most developing residential areas in Chennai, Ambattur where the budget of flats is low and the infrastructure also looks stylish and modern. 2 bhk and 3 bhk Flats in Ambattur attracts many IT and traditional people to invest and also for livelihood. The designs of apartments in Ambattur are lavishly and classically designed. It provides comfortable and well sophisticated life for families and IT people.

Design of 2 bhk Flats in Ambattur

The contemporary and modern infrastructure of 2 bhk and 3 bhk Flats in Ambattur constructs by builders makes people to buy flats and live a peaceful life. The landscape structure is well spacious and naturally overwhelming. Compared to other areas in Chennai, Ambattur provides pure breathe and natural surroundings. Lifestyle in Ambattur brings our lives to the next level of the modern world.

Benefits of having 2 bhk Flats in Ambattur

Among the fast developing areas, Ambattur leads all other localities in Chennai. All domestic needs and educational institutions are close to Ambattur. Good specification and amenities of 2 bhk and 3 bhk Flats in Ambattur make each and every moment of family life in the dream home satisfied and happy.


Major Developing areas in Chennai

Major Developing areas in Chennai

Major developing areas in Chennai are GST, OMR, ECR, Taramani and Ambattur because of the fast growth IT Companies. Most of the top IT companies developing their branch in Chennai for the major job searches by candidates and facilities are also good. Most of the industrial estate and IT parks are situated in GST, OMR, ECR, Taramani and Ambattur, so people concentrating these areas for both investment and also to buy a dream home.

Low Budget Flats in Ambattur

Compared to other areas in Chennai, Ambattur is also developing fast due to the development of many companies in Ambattur industrial estate. Cost of square feet is high in GST, OMR, ECR, Taramani main areas when compared to Ambattur. Recently, Ambattur has come under the Chennai City Corporation limit and gaining benefits from the municipalities like transport facilities and water supply. But square feet cost is low and is suited for all kinds of families. Buying 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Ambattur at low rate is possible and also flats are enriched with all features.

Builders offering Low Budget Flats in Ambattur

Loyal Housing, BBCL, Shree Mangalam builders, VGN and Optima homes private limited is developing their residential projects in Ambattur. Compared to all these projects, Loyal Housing Provides budget flats in Ambattur at reasonable cost with maximum features and specifications. They are developing two projects in Ambattur such as Green Garden and Aishwarryam at an affordable price.

Fast Growing Place in Chennai, Ambattur

Fast Growing Place in Chennai, Ambattur

Ambattur also comes under Chennai Corporation and it is a place which is growing more rapidly rather than other places in Chennai. 3 bhk flats in Ambattur are located very close to the padi, Avadi and Anna Nagar gains benefits from that corporation for development. Residential flats and apartments are developing well in Ambattur and it is one of the IT hubs in the Chennai City. Loyal Housing is the only builders developing two projects in Ambattur with all features. Compare to Anna Nagar, residential flats are available at low budget in Ambattur, which makes us to save money for our dream home.

Facilities in and around Ambattur

3 bhk flats in Ambattur are having better connectivity to the city both by roads and trains, the Corporation maintains proper transport facilities. Also have 4 lane roads available to travel Chennai Airport and also close to Ennore, Anna Nagar and Koyambedu.

Water supply in Ambattur is pure and good because of two rivers Ambattur Eri and the Chithu Oragadam Lake which is bounded.

Attractive Living Life in Ambattur

3 bhk flats in Ambattur providing many features like gymnasium, swimming pool,play area, landscaping, multipurpose hall, ATM, jogging track and power backup generator, etc. Many IT people choose Ambattur to buy flats due to the development of several IT companies like HCL, TCS, etc. Place of attractive and peaceful environment attracts many people to invest in Ambattur which leads a calm and fresh life.

Importance of having 2 bhk flats in Ambattur

Importance of having 2 bhk flats in Ambattur

Ambattur is very close to required locations of Hospitals, colleges, schools and departmental stores. The people having 2 bhk flats in Ambattur enjoy the benefits of close proximity to main areas of the city and also having better demand in that area.  Ambattur region makes our life more comfortable and luxurious due to several advantages of close proximity.

Educational Institutions situated close to Ambattur

Schools surrounded by Ambattur

  • Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Sri Ramaswami Mudaliar School
  • DAV Girls Higher Secondary School
  • DAV school
  • Spartan Matric school
  • Chennai public school
  • velammal vidyalaya school
  • Chinmaya vidyalaya school
  • TI Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Sethu Bhaskara School
  • Ebenezer Marcus Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • School, Apple kids
  • G.K. Shetty Vidhyalaya School
  • SBOA School
  • Schram Academy School
  • St. John's IRS Emmanuel Methodist
  • Spartan School

Colleges near to Ambattur

  • St. Peter's University
  • Bakthavachalam College
  • Dr. MGR University
  • Velammal Engineering College
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College
  • Saveeetha dental College
  • Dr. MGR Eng. college
  • Soka Ikeda college of Arts & science for Women
  • Bakthavachalam College for Women
  • Annai Violet Arts and Science College
  • Chennai National College
  • Sindhi College
  • DG Vaishnav College
  • Sriram Engg. College
  • Jaya Engg. college

2 bhk Flats in Ambattur Gives Awesome Life

Each and every moment of life in 2 bhk flats in Ambattur is very happy, serene, luxury and comfort due to easy access to all the facilities of domestic needs. Most of the major builders in Chennai, develop their residential projects in Ambattur such as Loyal Aishwarryam, Green Garden, Optima Ace, Mangalam Moonlight, etc.  A family survival is well suitable in Ambattur area and also gives peaceful life in this modern world.

Nearby places in Ambattur for luxurious life

Nearby places in Ambattur for luxurious life

A well-populated and highly protected area in Chennai is Ambattur and the lives leads to be serene, beautiful and sophisticated. 2 bhk flats in Ambattur are having good facilities of transport, companies and all domestic needs for basic human life.

Top IT companies near 2 bhk flats in Ambattur

Many IT companies are situated in the Ambattur area of Chennai and also some more companies are developing the plan to establish their branch. Some of the top IT companies near the 2 bhk flats in Ambattur are

  • CMS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dexterity Business Analysts Pvt. Ltd.
  • HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kochar Infoteck
  • Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
  • Optical Technologies
  • Symmetric Esec Solutions Private Limited
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Quick Sort India
  • Neel Software PVT LTD
  • IOPEX technologies PVT LTD

2 bhk flats in Ambattur Surrounded Industries

  • Sakthivel Industries
  • Eta Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Sakthi Engineering Works
  • Auto Tech Industries
  • Sumax Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • R V Engineering Works
  • Floport Valves Company Private Limited
  • RG Bronze Manufacturing Company Private Limited
  • Shri Sakthi Insulations

2 bhk flats in Ambattur Suits Professional Life

Many IT companies and industries are located near Ambattur, so people who are working on those concerns feels better for having 2 bhk flats in Ambattur for their commercial life. All the areas in Ambattur are coming under the corporation of Anna Nagar which provides all the facilities for calm and perfect life.


2 BHK Flats in Ambattur Provides all Conveniences

2 BHK Flats in Ambattur Provides all Conveniences

Under Chennai Corporation, Ambattur is also coming and getting all the benefits from the city limit plans. Ambattur is very close to Anna Nagar, so it also gets the facilities like drainage, transportation and water connection from the corporation in the coming days. All accessibility like schools, hospitals, colleges, departmental stores, security, water, companies and transport facilities are available to Ambattur, 2 bhk flats in Ambattur receive all these benefits. This makes Ambattur place as one of the major residential flats investing area in Chennai.

Compare from other areas in Chennai for having 2 BHK Flats in Ambattur

The key advantage of having 2 BHK Flats in Ambattur is secure and water facility as compared to other areas in Chennai. Ambattur is having 2 water resources of Ambattur Lake and puzhal Lake, which supplies water to all the areas of Anna Nagar and Ambattur. Several small and big IT and other industrial companies are close to Ambattur which develops the area of Ambattur. Train and Bus connectivity in Ambattur is well connected and frequent also.

Features of 2 BHK Flats in Ambattur

Due to the vast development in Ambattur, Major builders of Chennai, develop their residential projects in that area. They are constructing 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Ambattur with car parking, GYM, club house facilities, etc. Apartments in Ambattur are looking very stylish and comfortable for modern life.

Advertisement has come in Nannakku magazine

Why we choose flats in Ambattur?

Why we choose flats in Ambattur?

In Chennai, Ambattur is fast growing and most excellent zone, which is bordered by a lot of IT sectors, industries, historical places, lakes and rivers. Both residential and industrial developments in Ambattur are developing rapidly due to their connectivity to Chennai city. When comparing to other areas in Chennai like GST, OMR and ECR, Ambattur provide good water supply and connectivity. And also many reputed hospitals, colleges, schools are located in Ambattur.

Location Advantages of Ambattur

Flats in Ambattur are having several benefits to live with perfect environment such as

  • Anna Nagar is at just 15 mins drive
  • Nearest Schools are Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Kendra Vidyalaya, Venkateswara Matriculation, and TI Matriculation
  • St. Peter's, Veltech, Jaya and Sriram are the closest colleges
  • Nearby Hospitals is Sir. Ivan Stedeford & Dr. Bhat's Eye Hospital
  • Nearest companies are TCS, HVF, TI Group, AIR and Police Academy.

Sand shortage stalls building projects in Chennai


Inadequate supply of river sand has hit construction activity in the city over the past two months.

The domino effect of increased demand and subsequent price hike, along with dwindling supply, has stalled several residential projects, put builders and buyers in a fix over deadlines and is even threatening to impact government projects. There seems to be no immediate alternative in sight, though M-sand (manufactured sand) is being used by a few customers.

Everyone is looking to the government to take measures such as regulate sand prices and open up quarries.

The government had recently banned sand mining in Kancheepuram district following a rampant illegal mining in the Palar basin.

On Thursday, members of the Builders Association of India appealed to the Public Works Department to look into the issue.

People who are constructing houses have been left high and dry.

“My house was scheduled to be completed two months ago. I doubt the work will be completed even by February because of sand shortage,” said Ghulam Mohammed of Kasturbai Nagar, Tambaram.

The scarcity of river sand has hurt many like him, as they have emptied their savings and borrowed extensively. Consumers pay anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 24,000 per load, including fuel and labour costs.

Several large residential projects have also been hit. R. Kumar, managing director of Navin Housing and Properties, said, “I have not been able to start a few projects. This has also pushed the deadline of some projects by two months. I am able to employ only 20-30 per cent of my workers,” he said.

L.Murthy, All India Managing Committee Member, Builders Association of India (BAI), said only 60 per cent of the sand required was available now. Builders’ expenditure went up by at least 10 per cent. Also, it took two days for sand load to be supplied.


Chennai Realty Property Show 2014 on January 24, 25, 26 at Chinnaswamy Marriage Hall, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Chennai Realty Property Show 2014 is going to be held on 24th to 26th January 2014 at the Chinnaswamy Marriage Hall, Anna Nagar, Chennai which is organized by Chennai Realty for the home seekers. A reliability and innovative schema in Real Estate market, Chennai to select their dream home.
Chennai Realty Property Show 2014 offers so many benefits like campaigns, trusted possibilities and create a hub for Serious Property Seekers. This develops a network of a large number of both real estate promoters and home seekers.
Chennai Realty Property Show 2014 creates a chance to communicate clients face to face at the first time and generate succeeded leads immediately.

Venue Information:

Address : Chinnaswamy Marriage Hall, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Date : January 24, 25 & 26, 2014

Time: 9.30 am to 8 pm

Organizer: Chennai Realty,

No : 1, 2nd Floor, Swathi Complex,
Venkatnarayana Road,T Nagar,
Chennai - 600 035.
Tele : +91 044-42920011, 87545 93011
E mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BAI's House Hunt Expo 2014 on January 24, 25, 26 at Chennai Trade Centre

House Hunt Expo 2014, the seventh edition expo of the Builders Association of India, which displays Chennai properties in all budgets and styles. Builders Association of India conducting this annual property's fair all over the country which makes the customers choose various properties in any of the state as per the choice.
Loyal Housing, Arun Excello, BSCPL, Bhaghyam Constructions, KGEYES Developers, Land Mark, Marutham Group, Navin Housing Properties, Raja Rathnam Construction, Roma Housing, Ruby Builders, VGP Housing, and Yuga Homes are some of the well-known promoters participating in House Hunt Expo 2014 to put on display their projects.
House Hunt Expo 2014 will demonstrate projects from the range of Rs 10 lacs to Rs 5 crores and more than above. This expo provides free technical consultation, support and legal advice for the end-users.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : January 24, 25 & 26, 2014

Time: 9.30 am to 8 pm

Organizer: Builders' Association of India, Southern Centre,

"Casa Blanca", 2nd Floor,

11, Casa Major Road,

Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.

Phone : 044 - 28192006

Telefax : 044- 28191874

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Central Bank of India Loan Expo 2014 on 4 & 5 January

Central Bank of India plans to bring residential project developers and prospective home buyers under one roof by organizing property expositions across the country. Central Bank of India Loan Expo 2014 is going to be held at T.Nagar, JYM Kalyanamandapam on 4th and 5th Jan 2014. Central Bank of India Loan Expo 2014 will open an array of options for buyers of properties to choose properties at different locations of different configurations which will definitely help the visitors to make a smart choice.
Central Bank of India providing spot ‘in-principal’ sanction and also housing loan facility at an affordable rate. Further, Central Bank of India Loan Expo 2014 completely waived processing and inspection charges for the housing loans.
Leading builders/developers shall be given attractive discounts on spot booking.

Venue Information:

Address : JYM Kalyanamandapam, T.Nagar, Chennai.

Date : January 4 & 5, 2014

Organizer: Central Bank of India

Apartment Expo 2014 on 3, 4, 5 January

Prompt Trade Fairs (India) Pvt Ltd. fulfills all multidimensional necessities- to craft an ideal platform that allows successful communication in the form of Trade fairs that produces and executes good marketing and promotional opportunities to the customers. The 77th upcoming exhibition is APARTMENTS EXPO-2014 scheduled for 3, 4, 5 JANUARY 2014 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam. The Apartment Expo 2014 event is completely focusing the projects of Apartments, Independent Houses, Villas, Gated Plots etc.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade & Convention Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : January 3,4 & 5, 2014

Organizer: Prompt Trade Fairs (India) Pvt Ltd., 621,Anna Salai, Sire Mansion,

Thousand Lights, Chennai - 600 006

Sontha Veedu Expo 2013 on 13, 14, 15 December at Vellore

Sontha Veedu Expo is one of the biggest Building & the Construction Industry trade show in India. Sontha Veedu Expo 2013 is going to held at Vellore from 13 to 15 December. It will showcase all builders & building Materials during the show.
Profile of exhibitors includes Builders, Plot Promoters, Building Materials, Interiors & Exteriors, Doors and Windows, Interiors & Lighting, Locking Equipment, Marble & Granite Products, Rescue and Emergency Equipment, Security Doors, Shutters & Fencing, Security Glass & Screens, Wall and Ceiling Finishes.

Venue Information:

Address : Vellore

Date : December 13, 14 & 15, 2013

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Global Eventz Grahapravesam on 13, 14, 15 December 2013 at Chennai Trade Centre

A Property fair namely Grahapravesam to be held in Chennai on December 13 to 15, 2013. Major Builders, Flat Promoters, Layout Promoters, Land Developers, Banks are participating in the event. After delivering phenomenal successes and receiving a fabulous response from both exhibitors & Visitors for the previous shows Global Eventz is proud to announce the next show ‘Grahapravesam-2013’ at Chennai Trade Centre, on 13, 14 & 15th December 2013.
The Global Eventz Grahapravesam-2013 will focus on residential property investment and Real Estate Markets.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade & Convention Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : December 13, 14 & 15, 2013

Organizer: GLOBAL EVENTZ, Old No. 117, New No. 227, 3rd Floor, Fathima Towers,

Triplicane, Chennai - 600 005.

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Kanavu Illam Property & Home Loan Exhibition on October 5, 6 2013

Loyal Housing and B & C Publications jointly present Kanavu Illam Property & Home Loan Exhibition. Kanavu Illam Property & Home Loan Exhibition 2013 is one of the leading property events in Real Estate Industry. This leading event is exclusively focused on building and construction industry.

Venue Information:

Address : HPM Paradise Mahal A/c, Near Telephone Exchange, M.T.H Road, Ambattur, Chennai

Date : October 5 & 6, 2013

Time : 10 AM to 8 PM

Entry Ticket : Free

Living Spaces 2013

Hindu Living Space organizing a property expo 2013 in Chennai Trade Centre from September 27 to 29, mainly focusing for the real estate developers and financial institutions to display their contributions to the clients.

The main exhibits in Hindu Living Space 2013 expo are Builders, flat promoters, land developers, home loan solutions. Hindu Living Space 2013 expo offering an opportunity for the visitors recognize the recent styles of the real estate industry and where to invest to obtain greatest benefit. Hindu Living Space 2013 is a first-class chance to know the development aspect of the real estate industry in and around the Chennai city and how to maximize investments in this sector.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade & Convention Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : September 27-29, 2013

Time : 10.00 am to 8.30 pm

Entry Ticket : Rs.30/- per head

Budget Home'13

Budget Homes 2013 created especially to bring a better platform for builders of Tamilnadu to showcase their most recent and most sought after Projects. There will high-flying Presence of Chennai properties along with other key players from Trichy, Coimbatore and Madurai attracting an expected 25,000+footballs.
A World class opportunity expects the real estate developers to come together, network and spend in various individual and institutional investors who realize quality and have the affordability to invest in projects that deserve the best kind of buyers.

Venue Information:

Address : Chennai Trade & Convention Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Date : September 6 to 8

Organizer : Mr. Santhosh Kumar, M/s. Eyeball Media Pvt Ltd, #30, 31, 32,

Subramaniyam Street, Abiramapuram, Chennai – 18.

Ambattur News

Upcoming Korattur Flyover is one among the best access to connect Green Garden to all places. (Padi Jn,Lucas via Korattur flyover to Green Garden)
The Hindu News
Metro Water
AS ON DATE ( 14-3-2014 )
Residents cheer as finally, CTH Road set to get wider, Highways dept. has begun demarcation of boundaries in Ambattur for the widening of CTH Road.
Ambattur is a Part of Chennai Corporation Closer to Anna Nagar, Padi & Avadi
FACILITIES TO AMBATTUR SAID, Principal Secretary / Managing Director Thiru Apurva Varma, I.A.S.,
Phase II of the Chennai Metro, due to begin planning and construction in the next few years, is expected to see three new lines carved up in Chennai’s west region.such as Chennai Airport to Ambattur via Poonamallee. Lines should also be extended along the IT corridors towards Tambaram (a notion already mooted), Shollinganallur, and west to the industrial city of Sriperumbudur.

Loyal housing New project Details

  • Loyal Housing launches its luxurious project in Anna Nagar, SVSN Gruha, with all the high end amenities just behind the Sundaram Foundation Hospital.
  • Presenting MULTIPLEX on GST , G+ 12 FLOORS, a prestigious project by Loyal Housing, an arm stretch from the up coming Bus terminus on vandalur

IOB Prop Xpo 2013

IOB PROP XPO 2013 is organized by IOB will be held on 17th and 18th August of 2013 at Raja Muthiah hall, Egmore, the most happening place in Chennai, which is centrally located with beautiful foliage, ample car parking, eye pleasing ambience and strategic location as you would agree it is the ideal setting for this mega event. The inauguration will be on 17th August – 11.00 AM and the Exhibition timings are between 10 AM to 8 PM on 17th & 18th August 2013.

Prompt Property Fair 2013

Date        :     16-18 August.

Venue     :     Chennai Trade Center, CTC Complex, Nandambakkam,

                     Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

Organized by:     Prompt Publications & Trade Fairs, Chennai.