About Us

LOYAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS (P) LTD is basically a company rendering construction works, complete co-ordination and management of the entire project. Loyal Housing has established itself as a core architectural and Engineering Organisation with all necessary infrastructure and expertise in the areas of Civil/Structural. Loyal Housing has got a well equipped and established drafting section with a good strength of qualified/experienced site engineers.

Our line of control in maintaining quality is assertively strong. Internal and external vigilance is thorough. Loyal Housing uphold inflexible consistency in quality and service. Our team is all set to adopt latest technologies and new applications in terms of materials, methods and procedures.

Loyal Housing stick on to accurate quality even if the outflow of funds crosses the estimation. We strongly feel that financial plan and its inference is only a scale to measure the costs involved. Loyal Housing perseveringly stick on to make certain that the quality is upheld indisputably.